Use of Silver for health is nothing new for Indians.

As per customary practices, it has been observed that Ayurveda uses of natural metals for their healing characteristics. In Ayurveda, silver has been used in the form of Bhasma (calcined formulation), called Rajat Bhasma, for 5000 years. Ayurvedic medicine uses silver in small amounts as a tonic and elixir. It was and is used to treat neurological disorders, respiratory tract disorders, muscular dystrophy (progressive weakening of muscles), infertility, urinary tract disorders and diabetes.

It has been a common practice in India to put silver foil in “Murabbas”, “Chyawanprash” and medicines even today. Sweets, paan and digestive is covered with silver foil. Sweets covered with silver usually have much longer shelf life. In Ayurveda, silver charged water has been recommended for many ailments. In our temples and temple at home, we use silver utensils, especially for keeping “Charnamrat”. We had a tradition of storing water at home in silver utensils. Our kings and affluent people have history of using silver utensils.

All this just shows the importance given to Silver in our culture.

Silver in the cuisine was also known to older civilizations like Greeks, Roman, Chinese and Egyptians. In ancient times it was a practice with the Kings and affluent to use Silver utensils and cutlery to serve, eat food, to store and drink water from silver containers. For preventing the milk from getting spoiled, it was a common practice to keep silver coin in it.

Looking at these customary practices, there must be some merit in this metal.